The Best Corded Drill – Top 10 Corded Drills Reviews!

Looking for a corded drill? You have come to the right place! Most people opt for a cordless option these days, but nothing beats a good old wired machine when batteries run out. We’ve compiled this list so you can choose the best corded drill on the market.

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The Dewalt DWD112 8.0 amp is well-known among power tool users. It has many desirable features.

For instance, it has a variable-speed reversing trigger that provides versatility. The trigger allows you to maneuver a drilling speed of 0-2500 RPM for ease in precision drilling. It’s also fitted with an 8 amp motor that provides powerful performance for all those heavy-duty jobs.

Due to the efficient motor, this corded drill has a 1-inch capacity in wood with a spade drill bit. It also has a 1-1/8-inch capacity with a hole saw as well as a 3.8-inch capacity in steel. This increases the functionality on a range of materials.

The soft pistol grip handle design is quite useful during those long drilling sessions and helps prevent unnecessary fatigue and strain. It’s quite lightweight with a total weight of just over 4 pounds. So, it’s easy to carry around as well.

Moving on, the sturdy metal 3/8 inch ratcheting keyless chuck provides a more desirable bit retention for enhanced productivity and convenience. 

The durability of the drill is increased due to the ball-bearing build. It can take more punishment on hectic work sites. This, coupled with the ease of use, makes the drill more suitable for industrial work and home use. 

Finally,  it’s backed by a three-year warranty. It also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee in case of any defect.



The Bosch RH328VC hammer drill is one of the most efficient power tools on the market. This professional corded hammer drill provides a  fine drilling experience and also takes your safety into account.

This drill is completely safe to use on dusty work sites since it meets the OSHA safety standards for risk and disease-free drilling. The hammer drill is also compatible with the PRO+GUARD protection system designed by Bosch. This dust collection system effectively reduces airborne dust and prevents the inhalation of contaminants.

It’s built to tackle heavy-duty projects. The rotary hammer design provides 2.6 foot-pounds of impactful energy that’s perfect for drilling tiles, concrete, drywall and other tricky surfaces. 

Moving on, it has an efficient vibration control system and three modes of operation: rotation, hammer and rotation plus hammer modes. 

The rapid hammering motion is powerful enough to fix a railing on concrete or take out metal fixtures attached to dense foundations. The active vibration control system provides considerable comfort and convenience since it stabilizes the grip area and hammer mechanism.

Bosch also put in a lot of effort to make this drill more convenient for you. The Vario-lock feature makes it easy to choose the best position for the chisel from 12 different options. 



The Dewalt DW130V has plenty of positive drill reviews as one of the best options for home projects and contractor work.

This model is quite efficient at drilling different materials like wood and metal. This drill is also compatible with spade bits, auger bits and hole saws for larger holes.

A spade bit on this drill will go 1-1/2 inch deep while drilling wood. The results are the same with an auger bit in wood as well. 

A hole saw, on the other hand, will drill holes of 5 inches in wood. If you want a medium-large hole, a self-feed bit with a screw at the tip will open up a hole of 2 9/16 inches in wood.

A twist bit will enable you to drill a hole of 1.2 inches in steel, and a hole saw will produce a hole of up to 3 inches with considerable ease.

Moving on, the DEWALT DW130V drill has a powerful 120 V motor that provides high speeds from 0 to 550 rpm for the best results. 

It provides sufficient torque and control for industrial jobs like mixing mud, power drilling and driving screws. The motor puts out 600 watts of power that’s easy to manage due to the lightweight construction of 7.5 pounds.

The 3.4 KG weight decreases considerable fatigue from your hands and arms, which will lead to increased productivity.

This cordless drill has impressive ergonomics as well. You can adjust the rear spade handle for two comfortable positions. You can also adjust the soft ergonomic side handle to three different positions for increased comfort. This also increases the applications for more hectic jobs requiring more control.



The Porter-Cable PC600D is designed to give you the best value for your money, much like this company’s other models.

Porter-Cable built this drill to deliver a powerful performance with its impactful 6.5 amp motor. The 3/8 inch ratcheting keyless chuck provides considerable convenience. You no longer have to worry about losing your keys, but you’ll also enjoy greater bit retention. 

The high-torque gear system is designed to make the drill more efficient for wood or metal work, framing construction or drilling precise pilot holes for decking. The gear system makes the drill easier to use for several other applications that require extended drilling times.

The PC600D also provides an impressive consistency with smooth transitions from 0-2500 rpm. The variable-speed trigger allows smooth precision drilling and driving.

The convenience doesn’t just stop there since this drill has a belt clip to secure the drill as well. This is a nice feature to have on industrial job sites when working in high places with a lack of space to keep the drill down. It is a corded drill, so it comes with a convenient additional feature of a six-foot-long, top-grade power cable for when you’re working high up.

There is also the addition of a pistol grip handle for enhanced comfort and maneuverability. There is also a very conveniently placed reverse button to switch between forward and reverse motions that increase functionality.  

There are some common safety concerns related to reverse switching, so Porter-Cable added a lock-on button to prevent accidents.



The SKIL 6335-02 corded drill has been used by many homeowners as well as trained professionals. As a result, it has received many positive customer reviews and got top scores compared to other powered corded drills at the same price.

It is quite useful for household tasks such as plumbing, electrical work, and renovations, but it was specifically designed for heavy-duty jobs.

This kind of flexibility is due to the powerful 7.0 Amp motor that Skil put in it. It efficiently provides more torque than other corded drills at this price, with great effectiveness on brick, steel, concrete and different types of wood.

The variable speed trigger is one of the most popular features of corded drills. This feature provides you more control at the speed you want for different materials without any lag or hassle.

Maneuverability is quite high with this corded power drill due to the lightweight design. At 5 pounds, it’s one of the lightest drills on the market.

Moreover, The adjustable side-assist handle provides more stability, while the soft rear handle with anti-slip reduces the burden on your limbs.

The half-inch keyed chuck size provides a firm grasp on the drill bits. This feature also makes it easier to switch the bits with the tools included in the package.

Additionally, a lock-on switch helps reduce fatigue by letting you drill continuously with a single button. 



The Makita 6302H provides you the perfect blend between power and durability. It is a valuable tool that got many positive reviews for its drilling performance.

The design and build quality are quite powerful and durable as it has  6.5 amp motors with a sturdy metal gear construction. 

This provides added torque and resilience against the toughest surfaces. The durable half-inch drill chuck efficiently holds the bits in place for precise drilling.

The variable trigger delivers speeds up to 550 RPM consistently. 

Moreover, the conveniently placed reversing switch is enhanced with the lock-on button, which prevents accidental switches.

The 6302H  is by no means a high-speed drill, but it offers a great penetrative range. Drilling holes of 1-3/8-inch in wood is going to be easy for this model. You can drill holes of 13 mm in metal as well. 

Convenience is enhanced with the large side handle. You can adjust the placement of the handle to either side for control and ease. 

You also get a belt clip, which is a useful feature if there’s a lack of space to keep the drill down. These convenient features are enhanced by the compact and lightweight 4.8-pound design of this power drill. 



The Genesis GSHD1290 1/2″ 9.0 Amp Variable Speed Spade Handle Corded Drill is perhaps the best budget corded drill currently available. 

Fitted with a powerful 9 amp motor and generating a powerful 850 RPM, the applications of this corded drill are endless. 

This highly efficient drill has a half-inch chuck that works nicely with larger bits for mixing mud, drywall putty, paint, thin-set mortar or grout. This sort of power is efficiently controlled with the variable speed trigger.

It’ll also thoroughly drill through the thickest wood, metal, and even hard-to penetrate composite materials. Such tough surfaces can cause a ton of vibrations and imbalance, but the Genesis GSHD1290 ensures that you stay in control.

The attached side handle provides more balance and additional support. And the lock-on button will enable you to fix the trigger in place, so you don’t have to keep holding the trigger. This reduces stress on your limbs.



The Hitachi D10VH has impressive features and power. It has a small motor size of 6 amp that’s somehow able to produce 2500 RPM of speed. 

This feature makes it more suitable for a wide range of applications than other 2500 rpm power tools. You’ll be able to easily drill through soft metals, wood and plastic, and harder materials like stainless steel. 

The max torque of 10.8 pounds makes it suitable for surfaces that require high-speed drilling and makes it perfect to use for home use. It’s not only compact and lightweight at 3.1 pounds, but quite durable as well. This makes it a dependable tool.

The form-fit palm-grip handle is designed to reduce vibrations and decrease the strain on your hands. This feature enables the drill to be operated with one hand. 

The keyless chuck makes it easier to swap out drill bits. You won’t require any tools to change the tips. Changing out the bits will increase the drill capacity on the wood to one inch and 0.375 on steel.



The Black+Decker Corded Drill/driver is a relatively lightweight and compact model. It’s more versatile than other power drills due to the smart features that make it compatible with various tool attachments.

The tool-free attachment aspect coupled with the powerful 4.0 amp motor enhances productivity. The Matrix Quick connect system in this drill transforms it into whatever you need, whether it’s a drill, cut, sand, or hammer function. 

The compact design of this model enables it to drill at a cooler temperature. This is useful when you need to hold it for extended drilling sessions. Another advantage of this feature is that it’ll allow you to drill for hours on end in restricted spaces.

The lightweight build, coupled with the ergonomic design, means you no longer have to go through any fatigue from drilling.

This drill has an 11-position clutch feature to reduce the risk of overdriving or stripping screws. This enables better control over the drilling process without any damage to the hardware.



This corded drill is small in size but big in performance. It packs an impactful 5.2 amp motor that gets enhanced with the variable speed trigger.

It sports a separate power button that makes it easier to drill through tough materials without any strain on your limbs. It’s by the best-corded drill/driver for home use and DIY projects.  

This is because of the high maneuverability due to the 3.5 lbs design. It’s also considerably easy to use with one hand for added convenience.

Another convenient feature of this 3.8-inch corded drill is the keyless chuck that makes changes in drill bits easier to manage. You also get onboard bit storage, so you never have to go looking for those tips again.

You also get the addition of a variable speed switch for more precise command over the drilling process. On the slow setting, it’ll accurately drill through metal. This setting will also boost the drilling power for masonry and wood.




Q1. What is the best-corded hammer drill?

The best Devalt corded drill on this list is the DEWALT DW130V – 9-Amp motor – 0.5-inch drill. It received critical acclaim from everyone who used it. You can easily use this corded drill for industrial or home tasks due to the speed control and soft-grip handle. 

Q2. What is the best Dewalt corded drill?

We found that the finest corded hammer drill is the Bosch 8 inch RH328VC. It has the power and motor to support the impactful hammer function with great precision. This hammer drill is compliant with OSHA standards, making it safer than other drills on the market.


You should go with a corded drill that provides more flexibility, controllable drilling speed, compatibility with different tools and attachments, and affordability. Hopefully, you will find something suitable on this list.